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COMMON-SENSE Products for the Mariner

Small Boat Harbor Marina at Buffalo, NY

Sunset at the Small Boat Harbor Marina on Lake Erie - Buffalo NY          

Are you a yachter....

Who has looked north and south ...east and west   ...for a personal gear/clothing bag
that  "REALLY WORKS" ?
One designed by a boater with the most-asked-for features?

   Why not take a LQQK at The Weekend'R(tm) ====> 

Then, take a peek at sa' more of The Weekend'R(tm) photos right here  ==> Check Out The Photos!
Click  here to learn about The Weekend'R'S  FEATURES !
Email us for information about personalizing,
and custom colors on our gear bags....
Oh yes, and pricing on custom and personalized bags, of course!
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And here's some late news....
Weekend'R Products is proud to now introduce... Personalized nautical sportswear 
We specialize in Catalina logo sportswear with your specific class yacht log custom-embroidered.
Clothing can be personalized with your name, yacht name, home port, etc.
Check out our

We can also custom do YOUR yacht club or yacht model... CHECK OUT THIS EXAMPLE !

We add new articles weekly.... for instance....
Tilley hats, Denim summer and heavy weight long-sleeve shirts, golf shirts, Aussie-style hats.
All these are available plain and personalized!

Weekend'R Products complete nautical sportswear catalog ...
check out the hundreds of items and ask for a quote
Weekend'R Sportswear Catalog
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Weekend'R Products is proud to now introduce....   The G'tAway(tm) ... 

A smaller personal gear/clothing bag.... designed by our customers who asked for a day-trip sized bag!
With 2,500 cubic inches storage, it's 20% smaller than The Weekend'R(tm)

We now have available four different models of  Weekend'R(tm)  and The G'tAway(tm)
In four different sizes and  COMMON SENSE
 features that range from $44 to $99.
There's one that fits your needs and budget.

Pricing for Standard bags...(personalization also available):
Weekend'R(tm) basic $55                The G'tAway(tm) basic  $44
Weekend'R(tm) deluxe   $99                The G'tAway(tm) deluxe  $88
Go ahead and Email us     for details or to place an order.

Click  here to see the available COLORS of  The Weekend'R(tm) and The G'tAway(tm)
Click here to learn about all the FEATURES of The Weekend'R(tm) and The G'tAway(tm)
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THE BEST SAIL TIES.  Period.(tm)
The silkiest smooth, heaviest, tubular webbing ones you can buy.  
Priced below a major WEST-coast marine catalog
YET, ours are BETTER.
Color-coded by length.  Our COMMON SENSE way, not their way.
Ours  $17 / set of 4  (7', 7', 6', 5' )      (Theirs -- $18..40 for a lower grade product)
Click  here to see the  available colors of THE BEST SAIL TIES. Period.(tm)

Have you ever wanted to fly your spinnaker short-handed?  NOW, you can with ease!
With our Spinnaker Guy, you fly your chute our COMMON SENSE way
Without a pole--from a reach -- down  to about 165 degrees
It's great for cruising couples ...and the quality fits your budget. That's COMMON SENSE !!

The Spinnaker Guy(tm)     - Only $54
Features a stainless-steel caribiner-type snap hook to attach the clew of your chute to your head stay.
For the casual cruising sailor.

AND, for the more demanding sailor...
The Spinnaker Guy(tm) PRO   - Only $74

Features a high-quality swivel snap-shackle to tack your chute clew to the headstay.

Click here to see   The Spinnaker GuyTMFEATURES
Click here for   The Spinnaker GuyTMINSTRUCTIONS
Click here to a picture how to ATTACH   The Spinnaker GuyTM
Click here to see a picture how to FLY    The Spinnaker GuyTM

Click here for a full description of our other products.....  Weekend'R Products
Or here for our GREAT Nautical Sportswear for Catalina and other boaters! Nautical Sportswear

ALSO ... Weekend'R Products COMPLETE nautical sportswear catalog ...

Email us to Check out the hundreds of items and request a quote

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