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The Weekend'R and The G’tAway

THE personal gear bag DESIGNED FOR BOATERS... Compare this to any "catalog" production bag

The most-asked for options... Plus quality construction...

The Weekend’R 12"x14"x24" — A huge 3,000 cubic inches — Perfect if you’re a cruiser
....or a live-aboard who needs to stow "the essentials"

The G’tAway 10"x14"x24" — 2,500 cubic inches — Designed for weekend cruises
....or for day-use or a race-nite bag

The Basics...

ü Lotsa storage — Generous center section
          — Large, flat shirt or chart side pocket
                    — Two medium-sized side pockets for socks, cosmetics, etc.
                              — Shoe pocket on end

ü Crafted from tough, water proof 1000-denier Cordura Plus
          — No cheap lightweight nylon or vinyl (or Cordura/nylon mix as one marine catalog touts)

ü Heavy duty, non-rusting zippers
          — Unlike cheap ones that wear quickly or separate when you stuff your bag

üCorrect-length handles so your bag doesn't drag along the dock

ü Padded shoulder strap and handles

Some Neat Stuff..

ü Full opening, dual-zipper top (easily grab what you need — unlike single zippers on those production bags

ü Adjustable divider
           — Keep your shirts and shorts neatly rolled
                    — OR stash your bulky jeans sweatshirt and rain gear

ü Zipper pulls (no more fumbling for those %$#@!* small zipper tabs)

ü Two hooks to stow your key ring — no more "where's my (expletive) keys?"

ü Unique "ditty" bag (this is slick) ....holds all your shower "stuff" PLUS clean shorts, shirt, undies
          — Zip it off, slide your towel thru the handle, and head for the marina showers
                    — Leave it attached when you shower aboard or on a friend’s boat
                              — Use its disappearing loop to stow it hanging in your head

The Really Important Stuff

ü It's DESIGNED FOR THE YACHTER ....and it’s not just "another" discount house athletic gym bag...

ü Looks really sharp Navy blue, ’’navigation’’ red, and green with accenting zippers and pulls

ü Optional personalizing ....Contrasting custom embroidery...
           (add your vessel/captain name, logos, home port, other graphics)
                              ....Custom colors                    (let us match or accent your yacht colors)

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(All sizes approximate finished dimensions — features subject to upgrades)