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Spinnaker Guy FEATURES


NOW you can fly your spinnaker all those times that you "just don't."

Short-handed? Cruising couple? Maybe you inherited a chute and don't want to buy a pole?

The Spinnaker Guy™ is a quality, USA-made addition to your sailing inventory.

This little unit will eliminate the hassles of a pole and increase your sailing enjoyment.
It also lets you easily adjust the draft of your cruising chute for different wind conditions.

Some customers now even fly their chutes single-handed

You may have seen "TheTacker." Well, our Spinnaker Guy.…


But, the best part might be its other uses....

  1. Snap the Spinnaker Guy™ on "upside down" around your furled headstay.
  2. Attach a halyard to the "downhaul loop"
  3. Clip your hammock onto the Spinnaker Guy™ –- and the other end to the mast.
  4. Pop open a cold one, relax, and pat yourself on the back for getting there ahead of the fleet.



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