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CONGRATULATIONS on choosing the Spinnaker Guy for your sailing inventory.

So, you'll use your racing or cruising spinnaker more often-you might actually begin to enjoy it.
You'll get used to the extra speed and challenge when flying a chute-whether you're long-distance cruising to a new port-or just plain sailing shorthanded.

I know. I designed it because I avoided flying my chute at all cost when shorthanded or cruising. But, beware. It's addictive. You'll find yourself making up excuses just to fly your chute!

HOW DO I USE MY Spinnaker Guy?

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.....

1. Set Up Your Spinnaker Guy

Bend the Spinnaker Guy™ around your headstay and furled headsail-keeping the two pockets on the outside and the small webbing loop down toward the foredeck. Clip the spring hook onto the bail of the snap shackle (or to the D-ring on some models).

Attach your downhaul line to the webbing loop if it attached to the deck near the forestay. If your downhaul pulls more aft-than down toward the peak of your foredeck-try attaching your downhaul directly to the bail of the snap shackle. This method also eases the "pull" directly on the Spinnaker Guy™ in heavier air. We recommend that you not attach your downhaul directly to the sail cringle-attaching only the snap shackle to your sail makes it easier to douse the chute in a blow.

Initially set the height so the Spinnaker Guy™ "rides" about eye-level for a full chute and near the deck for an asymmetrical. THAT'S IT! That's all there is to setting it up!

HINT: If you do not have a dedicated downhaul line run aft, just tie off a short line to any reinforced point (a stem fitting, furler drum shackle, bow roller, or mooring cleat).

2. Set Up Your Chute

Clip your spinnaker halyard to the head of your chute. Attach a spinnaker sheet to one clew of your sail. Clip the snap shackle on the Spinnaker Guy™ to the opposite clew of your symmetrical chute (or to the tack if it's an asymmetrical chute)

3. Now Fly It!

Have your helmsperson steer to a beam reach-there's A LOT of leeway here-so "close" is close enough.

POP THE CHUTE from the foredeck-just as you normally would when using a pole. Lock off the halyard

HINT: I like to have my helmsperson take up the slack halyard through the closed line break as I pop my chute from the foredeck. Then, when I'm back in the cockpit I tidy things up.

Once your chute is flying, go ahead and experiment! "Play" with your control lines. Get the feel of them. Adjust your downhaul and sheet for maximum sail area and power-in and out-higher and lower. It varies by yacht, sail, seas, and wind conditions-but normally you can comfortably fly your chute from about 90 down to 160 degrees apparent. More-experienced sailors can do better. But, as you approach a dead run, the chute will tend to lose air and collapse.


But When I Use My Spinnaker Pole-I CAN GYBE MY CHUTE

Mostly, cruising sailors use the Spinnaker Guy™ while reaching over a long distance.
But, you don't have to limit yours to just that.

You can gybe your spinnaker more easily with the Spinnaker Guy™ than with a conventional pole setup
-it's easier and most important safer when shorthanded.


Here's how-again it's a 1, 2, 3 process.

Try it first in light air until you "get the hang of it."
Also, you will be gybing so-for now-keep your mainsail down until you have a few tries under your belt.

1. Set Up For The Gybe **

Attach a second sheet to the same clew that you attached the first sheet. Lead it outside of ALL your rigging and the forestay.

HINT: You'll have to "horse" the chute in toward the boat to do this. If you think you'll be gybing, it's safer and easier to set this up beforehand

This is now your "lazy sheet." That's a technical term-so use it often to impress the landlubbers that are aboard.

Be sure that your lazy sheet is attached to only the spinnaker clew, and that it is led outside everything and is free of hardware on your furler. Ending up with a spinnaker sheet inside your shrouds or under your Genoa sheets is nothing short of "embarrassing"! Believe me, I know.

**Of course, you can skip all this if you anticipated a gybe and set up a second sheet when you first attached your Spinnaker Guy. If you did, while you were on your first tack that extra sheet was just hanging around there-doing nothing-being "lazy" until you need it.

2. Gybe Your Spinnaker

Now, slowly turn to a dead run. Meanwhile, ease your active sheet until the spinnaker is flying out in front of the headstay-just like a flag.

3. And Fly It!

As you turn beyond a dead run and begin to head up onto the new tack, take up on the second sheet a bit to pull the chute across the bow. Then, harden up until the chute is flying like it was before the gybe! Ease that "new" lazy sheet as much as you need to-while you set the chute for your new tack. That's it. Easy enough?


Once you reach your favorite cruising gunkhole, flip the Spinnaker Guy™ upside down on the forestay and hang the webbing loop from your halyard… Attach one end of your hammock to Spinnaker Guy™ and the other to your mast...

And then relax.


Remember... Weekend'R products are guaranteed to please.

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