Weekend'R and G'tAway Gear / Clothing Bag Order Form

PRINT this form and fax it to us at 1-775-860-3804
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The bag options, personalization, customizing, etc., are sometimes confusing to list 'em all on a form...
So - if you have a question or special need -- Email us! We're here to help you!!!

We support Creativity in Boaters, Inc. .… be creative in what you want on your gear bags .

All you need do is specify...
 1. The quantity of each bag style/size:
     _____ G'tAway Basic(s) $44
     _____ Weekend'R Basic(s) $55
     _____ G'tAway Deluxe(s) $88
     _____ Weekend'R Deluxe(s) $99  

_____ Traditional Yachter (red & green side pockets / navy blue center / navy blue top flap)
     _____ Sporty (Traditional Yachter with white top flap instead)
     _____ Custom (tell us below or on a separate page what you want -- custom colors 30% up charge) 

3. Embroidery text ($15 first line, $10 additional lines)
     Alphabet name (from the list of our available styles)  _________________________________
     Custom alphabet (name? Looks like? Similar to?)   __________________________________
     Color thread _____________________________________ 

4. Embroidery text location
     What would you like on the top flap? Where?   __ centered    __ left     __ one line beneath another line, etc.:

     What would you like on the green side pocket? Where?    __ top      __ bottom      __ corner    __ centered, etc.:


5. Embroidery Design (priced individually - typically $10 each) see...
     Design name and number from our list of stock designs ________________________________________
     Something custom--describe it to us.     Or let us know what you like -- we'll suggest a popular design:
     We also have in stock or can obtain thousands of other designs -- business, occupation, custom digitized, etc.

6. Specify a graphic transfer (priced individually)
     ______ On the end zip-off shower pocket on your deluxe bags?
     ______ And/or on the zippered flap of any model with the "sporty" white top flap?
     Describe on a separate page any design or type of graphic in which you are interested and we'll contact you with options!

PLEASE NOTE that we need to use the white top flap in order to put a graphic on the top of bags.
With a graphic on the zip-off pocket, the white bag top is not required, but we recommend it)

7. Contact/payment/shipping information

     Total due for bags   $ _______________    Personalization        $ ____________
     Custom colors         $ _______________    Shipping/insurance   $
12.00 (1 bag) / 4.00 (each additional bag)
     Local sales tax on total - include shipping (NYS residents only)    $ ____________
     Total Payment        $________________   Check or MO number  ____________

     Payment preference.                                __ COD     __ prepay check or MO
     Carrier - only if you have a preference.     __ UPS      __ US Postal Service
    Ship-to name/company/suite, etc. (FULL address --(no PO Boxes allowed for UPS)




     Phone # (just in case - day? evening?) _________________________________________
     Fax # (if available -- so we can fax a design sample if necessary) _______________________

     If we Email you an attached   JPG,  GIF, or  TIF photo or graphic, can you open and view it?
___ Yes      Email address?     _______________________________________________
___ No      ___ Don't know     ___ Never tried - too late to learn      ___... What's Email?


ANY special requests / ideas / suggestion? -- LET'S TALK ABOUT IT.
Just let us know what you're interested in.
We will look this information over and get back to you w/ any suggestions, comments, and a work up of how your design.
** ONLY when you agree on a design/layout that "works for you" do we prepare an online invoice. It typically takes at least 2 weeks to complete a personalized/custom order (depending on graphics, embroidery, etc.)

Thank you for your interest in Weekend'R Products

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